Starsat 8800 HD Hyper اخر تحديث 2019 To 2021 New & Best

Today We Will Share Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Latest Software All Updates 2019 to 2021. In This Updates, Fix all bugs or improve your receiver performance. You will easily update all this software by USB to Your Starsat 8800 HD. There You Get All the Latest Update Software Files Of Starsat 8800 HD. Starsat 8800 HD Hyper 2019 & Starsat 8800 HD Hyper 2021 All Updates.

  • First Step

Chose The Best Version For Your Starsat 8800 HD.

Check Your Receiver Model Number is SR-8800HD Hyper. After That Check Your Receiver Current Software Version.

  • How To Check Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Software Version?

Pick Up Your Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Remote Control. Press Menu Button From Receiver Remote. Go to Receiver Setting Section. Find System Information Option In Setting Section. Select System Information Option. Press OK Button From Remote Control On About STB Option. Read About STB Page For Software Version. After Read Software Version Of SR-8800HD Hyper. Select & Download The Upper Software Version From Our Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Software All Files 2019 to 2021.

Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Remote Control

  • How Many Bugs Improve After Update Software SR-8800HD Hyper?
  1. YouTube Issue
  2. Server Issue
  3. USB Media Player Issue
  4. Channel Search Speed Improved
  5. First Boot Time Improved
  6. Improve Video Quality
  7. encrypt Channel Opening
  8. Cccam Server Run Speed
  9. Original Server Buffering Improved
  10. Network Connecting Troubleshoots Improved
  • How To Update Starsat 8800 HD Hyper SR-8800HD Software?

Download Starsat 8800 HD Hyper USB Update File From This Article. Starsat8800HD Hyper All Updates 2019 to 2021. After Download Software File Copy & Move The Software File In Empty USB Flash. After Copy Software File In USB. Turn On Your Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Receiver. When Your Receiver Turned On Properly. Connect USB Device To Your Starsat 8800 HD Hyper. Pickup Your Receiver Remote Control. After That Go to USB Media. select Software File.

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.64(22284)_23112020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.63(22113)_25082020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.63(22097)_21082020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.62(22027)_23072020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.61(21951)_02072020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.60(21774)_13052020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.59(21675)_17042020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.58(21586)_27032020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.57(21518)_11032020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.56(21369)_19012020

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.55(21276)_27122019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.54(20992)_29092019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.54(20980)_27092019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.53(20899)_10092019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.52(20660)_25062019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.50(20570)_17052019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.48(20353)_22022019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.47(20289)_30012019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.46(20223)_11012019

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_V2.42(19984)_13102018

Red Light Recovery?

When Your Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Goes To Red Light. It’s Mean Your Receiver Software is crusted.  Now What You Need To Do For Recover Your Starsat 8800 HD Hyper. First Thing You Need a Software Loader Of Starsat Receiver’s. After That You Need Flash file or a Rom file of Starsat 8800 HD Hyper.

Starsat 8800 HD Loader

There’s you will get Loader For Starsat models.

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_Loader

Starsat 8800 Rom & Flash File

There’s You Will Get Flash File For Starsat 8800 HD Hyper. To Recover Dead Starsat 8800 HD Hyper.

StarSat_SR-8800HD HYPER_8MB_W25Q64_Flash Rom

Starsat 8800 HD Hyper Specification

Coming Soon….

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