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The Promise Turkish Drama Cast – The Promise Turkish Drama In Urdu | The Promise is a Turkish Drama in the Turkish language call Yamin. The play is produce by Kanal 7. The play stars Gökberk Demirci and Özge Yağı in the lead roles. In the first two seasons of the play, the same couple plays the lead role, while in the third season, Özge Yağı left the play. Pepople say The Promise Drama’s Couple is the Best Turkish Dramas Couple. 

In the third season of the play, we will see the duo of Cansu Tuman and Gökberk Demirci replacing Özge Yağı. The first two seasons of The Promise were directed by Ayhan Özen. But in Season 3, the play will be directed by Reyhan Pekar and Hakan Arslan. The play was shot in Istanbul, a famous city in Turkey. It is the Best Turkish Drama

The Promise Turkish Drama Cast

  • Written   :   Nazmiya Yılmaz
  • Directed  :  Hakan Arslan And Reyhan Pekar

Star Cast 

  • Özge Yağiz 
  • Gökberk Demirci 
  • Cansu Tuman 
  • Can Verel 
  • Yağmur Şahbazova 
  • Munise Özlem 
  • Berkant Müftüler 
  • Gül Arcan 
  • Cansın Mina Gür 
  • Ceyda Olguner 
  • Sıla Türkoğlu 
  • Ali Dereli 
  • Derya Kurtuluş Oktar 
  • Tugçe Ersoy 
  • Mustafa Simsek 
  • Can Çaglar 
  • Baris Gürses 
  • Yagmur Akdag 
  • Bengu Gurses
  • Bora Atabey 
  • Hilal Anay 
  • Gozde Gunduzlu 
  • Balim Gaye Bayrak 

The Promise Turkish Drama In Urdu

There are many good and popular Turkish Dramas. For the past few years, these plays have been translating into Urdu and Hindi. Turkish dramas are also very popular in Pakistan and India.

Turkish dramas are now also seen in Western countries with English subtitles. The Turkish drama industry is now developing rapidly.
The Promise Drama is also one of the best Turkish dramas that the people of Pakistan watch with great interest that is why this drama has been dubbed in Urdu.


The Promise Drama Story 

Reyhan is a simple girl. She agrees to marry the son of a family friend. This friend of his family is an old man.

His son is a libertarian and enjoys his father’s money. He has no interest in pursuing his father’s business and wants to live on his father’s earnings. He promises to marry Reyhan at his father’s request, but he also promises in his heart that he will harass Reyhan so much that she will divorce him herself.

His father is very upset with his son’s actions and he is worried about what will happen to his reckless son and his greedy wife after his death. What will happen to her son’s future?

Emir and Reyhan’s marriage ends incessantly and Emir annoys him a lot but one slowly falls in love with Reyhan. We give all episodes  of The Promise Turkish Drama In Urdu.

Second Season Story Of The Promise 

In the second season of the drama, Imran’s sister wants to hate Reyhan because of her mother who died in the first season. That’s why there are fights in the family. At home, Emir’s sister and the rest of the staff also hate Reyhan. Emir’s father is very sad in this situation. He wants everyone in the house to laugh and be happy together.

But the grandmother of the house wants to love Reyhan and also that everyone should love Reyhan. But that doesn’t happen. Emir doesn’t care much about Rehan either.
This is a drama based on a wonderful story. If you haven’t seen this drama then you should watch this drama. You Can Also Read The Promise Turkish Drama Cast Below.

Watch Full Drama In Urdu 


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